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More Strict?

March 26, 2018




Our school has always had the never ending problem with students rebelling against the dress code. Everyday there are students walking around with hoodies, shirts untucked, and no belts on. Some believe that school uniforms restrict students’ freedom of expression while others argue that they create a “level playing field” that reduces socio economic imbalance, and encourages students to focus on their studies more rather than what they are wearing. So who will win?

The administration of Legacy has been talking about changing the dress code recently. They aren’t changing it to be more relaxed, they’re wanting to make it more strict. The top dogs of the school have noticed the amount of slack that has been going on with the attire of scholars from the moment that they walk into the building. It seems like everywhere a student turns there’s a teacher shouting out, “Tuck your shirt in... Take that hoodie off!” But can students really get upset with the teachers for enforcing the rules? It is their job.. Isn’t it?

There’s a fine line between the opinions of the dress code within some of the students and faculty.  Most students opt for having more freedom with their dress, but do teachers feel the same? Students like to express themselves as they’re going through their younger years and the uniform doesn’t give them the chance to do so.

“It’s plain and we can’t wear anything else. The only thing we can wear different is our shoes.. that’s it!” Says Chase Ellsworth from sixth grade. Although kids should have the option to express themselves in whatever way they please, there are some things that could pose as a distraction to another’s learning. “I think that when students are dressed in a professional kind of manner it helps them to focus more on what they’re studying rather than what they’re wearing and making sure everybody notices them.” Says Ms. May.

A majority of the students here at Legacy feel as though they don’t have a voice in what happens with the dress code changes. Out of all of the kids questioned about the dress code, not a single one knew who to go to if they wanted to say their opinions about the uniform changes. This is alarming considering we have had a student council set up since December of 2017. Each and every student has the right to go to any member of the student council to speak their views about the situation.

There is a non-stop battle with hoodies at this school. Ms. Roxanne was asked what she would do if she could change the rules on the hoodies and she said, “I would allow it. I hate battling it everyday. I don’t see the issue. It is a hassle to look for jackets without hoodies.” Yancy Acosta spoke his view on the issue as well, “I feel like it’s not that big of a deal, it’s not distracting to kids learning.” Administration believes that it’s a safety issue. Hooded jackets make it easier for students to hide their identities and even make it more convenient to conceal weapons. Students think this reason is totally unreasonable and envy the other high schools that allow hoodies.

Uniforms have and always will be a controversial problem at school. There will always be that one student who tries to revolt against the rules, that’s just how it goes. All the school can do is try their best to keep it under control.


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