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A Kick in the Grass

January 31, 2018




     Before going to Legacy I was enrolled in public schools. From the start of middle school I was involved with the athletic department in and out of school. I played every sport that was available to play. Through training and dedication, I believe that athletics in school shaped me into the person I am today.

     I started my journey at Legacy at the start of my high school years. Before enrolling I was told that there was going to be a pretty great athletic program and this was one of the only things that was pushing me to go to the school. Once I got involved with the school, I soon realized what they had told me was just a fib. Now yes, we do have sports teams; volleyball, basketball, soccer, track, etc. But, there’s nothing serious about it. From my first few practices with the girl’s volleyball team I could tell that it was going to be nothing like a real team.

     It came to my attention that a lot of the students that are enrolled in this school are interested in soccer. We have a soccer team, but just like the others, there's nothing serious about it. Kids go to practice and goof around so when it’s time to actually play in a game, they get dominated by other teams that they compete with. The coaches try to control them during practice, but they aren’t assertive. This is the same for every sport that our school has to offer.

     Age does play a factor in this situation, but that is still no excuse. Personally, I had coaches back in 7th grade that would make us run until we felt like our stomach was in our chest. While here, a coach makes them run around the school once and that's it for the day. If a student fools around during practice there is no consequence for their actions. The coach simply brushes it off and lets them get away with whatever they’re doing, so they continue and this soon grows into a habit.


     I had the chance to interview Ian Severian, a student here at Legacy that is involved with the soccer team in the spring. He’s played soccer his whole life and is involved with an organization outside of school called Asics. I questioned him about what he wishes the school would do better with the team and he told me, “Make sure everyone’s there on time-”. He doesn’t take the school’s soccer team seriously and he doesn’t believe that any of the other students do either.

     A student that was involved with the volleyball team here, Kayla Faniel, ended up leaving our school due to the absence of a real team. Her mom confronted me at the end of last year saying, “If they don’t have a real volleyball team next year, I may have to make her move schools--”, and that’s exactly what happened.

     A national study from 2000, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, showed an association between participating in school sports and lower rates of drug and alcohol use. Students who are involved in sports were more likely to disapprove of their peers’ substance abuse. Participating in sports is associated with greater levels of self-esteem, motivation, and overall well-being.

     Athletics is important because of the ties between mental awareness and physical health. Sports can serve as a powerful academic motivation for athletes who could otherwise under perform in the classroom. The school requires student athletes to maintain a certain grade average to participate in athletics. Students tend to keep their grades up because of their desire to compete in athletics.

     The problem with the soccer team here at Legacy isn’t directed towards only the students or the teachers-- it’s both sides as a whole. Both the teachers and the students need to put the effort in in order to create the team that they really want. Pointing fingers at one another won’t get us anywhere. I believe we all need to straighten up in order to see the change that we want here at Legacy.


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