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Get Some Kula

December 17, 2017

If you love sushi this is the place to go, the first thing I can tell you is that this place has real sushi. This is nothing like the sushi you will get a grocery store, this is some of the best sushi I’ve had since I’ve lived in Japan. I can promise that once you’ve tried this sushi you won’t want to have any other sushi.


When you first get to the restaurant the first thing you notice is how clean the area is, it is nothing super extravagant, small bushes and a fountain not too far from it. It looks a bit small on the outside but once you get inside you see the conveyor belt full of sushi. 

One thing that I would recommend is not taking a big group - each booth can hold up to four people comfortably. If you do have more than that I would just recommend to have two booths and just sit across from each other. 


As someone who has lived in Japan and has eaten plenty of sushi from there I can guarantee that this restaurant serves the best sushi since I lived in Japan. There is nothing against store bought food, but eating Kulas’ sushi will make you feel a lot more healthy and full than any store bought sushi will. 

The way the restaurant works is that you sit at your booth, you order your drink, and from there it is all up to you. You don’t order the sushi from the waiter you grab it from the conveyer belt or you order it from a tablet that is just above the table. The nice thing about this restaurant is how inexpensive the food is, every plate on the conveyor plate is $2.25 - for the most part every item is under $6. So even if you just bring $10 you can still get about 4 plates of food and honestly that will fill you up. As small as the portions may seem you will find yourself getting full pretty quickly. 

There are a few items that are personal favorites of mine: the tamago, beef udon, inan, edamame, and japanese poke. However there about 100 items on the menu, and not all of it is sushi, they also have a udon, ramen, ojyu box, and dessert menu. Everything is fresh and you can even see the cooks make the sushi in the kitchen.

If it your first time going to the restaurant they will explain how the conveyor belt works and how the prizes work. That’s right, the best part about this place is you get a prize for eating food. So each table is set up with a tablet and right by that tablet is a prize machine. For every 15 plates of sushi you eat you get a prize. What is also fun, for every 5 plates you put into the machine you get to watch a small clip and follow a samurai on an adventure to fight off monsters that are attacking Japan. It’s a fun story that adds on to the feel of the restaurant.


All together it was a really good experience and I would recommend for people to go, it is a very neat and simple area and after eating there you feel so full and healthy. It is a fun experience and it gives off such a relaxing vibe that you will feel happy after you leave. It is definitely a restaurant that you will want to go back to the next day.




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