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Legacy After Hours

November 8, 2017

Every school has a decent amount of after school activities. These extracurricular's are meant to give students fun things to do while making deeper connections with the people at their school. Even though Legacy has a good amount of activities it seems they do not attract the attention of the high schoolers. After speaking with Director May about this matter she made sure to mention that there are plenty of activities available for both elementary school and upperclassmen. She says,  “The elementary students take advantage of it more, but I think that high schoolers are maybe under the impression that it's not available for them.”

After interviewing some of the high school students they seemed to have split perspectives on the matter. Half of them strongly stated how much they hate school and do not want to be there longer than they have too while the other half expressed how they really would not mind being at school longer as long as they had activities that they enjoyed. Some activities they mentioned were: reading, dance, volleyball, archery, soccer, debate, and basketball (for the high schoolers). These ideas are perfectly attainable considering the fact that making a new after-school activity is relatively easy, as stated by Ms. May.

“You just have to talk it through, make sure that it’s approved by the school board-that there's funding for that [and] if it's going to be something that people will pay for or if the school will provide it and then Dr. Good will have to approve it”. Having afterschool activities that interests all grades is a simple task to accomplish you just have to have a group willing to start it up.


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