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Legacy Strikes Again: Stats on the new middle school volleyball team at Legacy

October 21, 2017

It’s mid-October and volleyball season is coming to an end for Legacy. It’s been a pretty good season for the Lady Wolves and we hope to end the season with a bang. Playing sports creates a lot of memories for the coach and players, and I got some insight what it was like to play on the 2017 volleyball team this year.


One of the most well-known players on the team is Abigail John, “I really like the team this year. The coach is very good. She is strict but very friendly.” Abigail has played in every game so far in the season, “I have played outside of the school team and it was less competitive and much more for learning. I prefer the school team much more.”


Working together is so important when playing in sports, or the team won’t function. Abi said, “Everybody on the team has their strengths and weaknesses and everybody has a role that highlights their strengths.” Practice plays a big role in allowing the team to show their strengths and working on their weaknesses. “Practice is very fun. Everyone on the team loves to play and is very energetic….The coach is very strict about our seriousness of playing and knows what we need to do to win.”  


Coach Hathorn explained the one thing that the team needs to work on if the team really wants to finish the year off really well. “They need to work on becoming one and talking to each other. Your team should be like a family and [we] don’t communicate a lot. They need to communicate like a family.” However the team has really improved since the beginning of the season, she says. “They have all improved in different areas like passing, serving, confidence, [and] talking.”


A team member that has seemed to get a lot of attention was fourth grader, Jadyn Walder. On a middle school volleyball team Jadyn really stuck out to the other players. “she has a lot of potential. She is there to get her to develop so that by the time she is in 6th grade she will be up there in the team. That’s why it was important to get her on the team.” Jadyn goes to practice and she observes the team at the games so that when it is her to time to play she will be able to have a full understanding of volleyball and what will be needed to be a good team member.


So far the stats of the game are as follows, “The girls volleyball team has played 5 games to date.  The have won 3 and lost 2.  They have 4 games left.  The top scorer at this time is number 30 Kimberly Martinez.” The nurse Ms. Ferguson has gone to every game and keeps track of every player and their improvements.


Even though the girls have won most of their games they still need to work and practice hard for the next four games to continue their success in this year’s season.



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